All about Newborn Photo Session

When is the best time to take Newborn Photos?

If you love the look of a sleeping newborn babies, the ideal time would be between the 5th to the 14th day as they spend most of their time sleeping. During this time, newborns can be captured in their most adorable poses. It is best not to wait longer than 2 weeks. We also recommend against taking photos earlier than five days after your newborn’s birth due to the reason your newborn will still be adjusting to feeding times. Your newborn session will be smoother if they are less fidgety and consistently require feeding. The easiest time to adjust their poses and photograph them will be when they are asleep.


When should I book a photo session?

Once you have decided to engage us, please book your session 1 ~ 2 months in advance before your due date so that your desired slot can be confirmed. We understand that the date may change due to the uncertainty of the newborn’s arrival. However, rest be assured that your booked date will not be compromised and will fulfill our commitments.


Can Newborn be photographed after 2 Weeks?

Yes, it is possible but you may have to opt for different poses and concepts that are more suitable for a newborn. Your newborn will likely be awake during the session so we would recommend a more suitable setting. It will be extremely challenging to get the older newborns to pose when they are awake so we just have to adapt to the situation on the photography session day. Some newborns won’t curl up easily after two weeks so a different approach has to be taken based on the newborn’s reaction. Newborns begin to stretch and extend their arms and legs after two weeks making it more difficult to take a good photograph. During the session, rest be assured that we will be delicate in handling the newborns and will make the session as comfortable as possible for the newborn.


Can parents be in the photos?

It is definitely possible but please inform us in advance as more preparations are required.


What if I have twins or triplets?

Congratulations to you ☺️. Well, the more the merrier J. Do check out our packages for twins or triplets or more ☺️.


Do we need to prepare the outfits for our newborn?

You most definitely can if you wish to. Again, please inform us in advance before the photo session so we can plan a setting to match the outfits. Having said that, we will also be providing outfits and props for the newborn for the photography session.


How long usually a newborn session last?

Newborn photo sessions typically last between 3 to4 hours. Here are some guidelines on how to prepare for the day which will keep both the newborn and yourselves happy throughout the session:

  • Please make sure your newborn is well fed before the photography session so the session can be smoother
  • Please bring milk to feed the newborn
  • Please bring a pacifier
  • Prepare diapers and wet wipes to clean the newborn throughout the session.
  • Please allow the photographer to comfort the newborn when he or she becomes restless or cries. This is to ensure the newborn feels comfortable and not startled by too many changes
  • We may require some assistance during the photography for some poses so we would really appreciate your helping hand
  • Please remain in the room during your newborn’s shoot.