Ann Chee

Hi there! My name is Ann and I am the owner cum photographer at Ann Chee Photography.

Since young, I have always been introverted and never good with words. But my inability to put stories into words is compensated by my ability to tell them in the photos I take. Photography is my way of feeling and loving the moments I want to capture forever, even the most little things long after I have forgotten them. Photography is an art of observation and finding something interesting in a somewhat ordinary place.

I am a professional photographer that has been specializing in newborn photography since 2018 and to date I have shot more than hundreds of babies to date and counting. I graduated in Computer Graphic Design from Wanganui School of Design and hold a Diploma in Computer Graphic Design. During my time in Wanganui, I have started crafting my creativity and passion in photography and design and was honored to be the winner of the NZ Tuanz interactive award back in year 2004. Since then, I have worked as a Creative Director in my own company. My work revolves around working with computer and machines mostly and I began to fill something missing in my life.

I first dabbled into newborn photography back in 2017 and since then, I have never looked back. Initially as a hobby, I realized my true calling and decided to take this interest of mine seriously.

Well, here I am! I operate mainly in my client’s homes but will soon establish my own studio. I understand that working with babies require a lot of patience. As for me, I am always present and careful when meeting or photographing newborns. I have always loved creating crafts, fashion and props and during my free time, I enjoy designing accessories and clothing for my future newborn customers. This I believe is what makes me different from other photographers.

Please do check out my portfolio and all my latest special moments here...

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