Let's make the photo special

What is Custom theme?

Custom theme is a customized setting specially made for your newborn to enhance the result of the photo session. If there is a specific color scheme you prefer or a theme, do let me know so we can plan this early prior to the photo session. Custom theme will involve making custom props by hand which may include custom hat, custom outfit, or a custom scene. All these require more time and resources. Because of these extra efforts, there will be additional charges. So if you are interested, please do let us know.

Here are some custom themes photo session to give you an idea.

Aviation Theme Setup

I'm lucky to photograph a pair of twins, a boy and a girl. Twins mommy requested an aviation theme since the twins parents are both in the aviation line. So I used the luggage brought in by the twin's mommy and made the twins each a captains hat and a flight attendant hat for the shoot. 

Ottoman hat

This adorable baby boy is a half Turkish so I made him the Turkish traditional Ottoman hat for his shoot. He was so cute with the hat on, his father said, to wear the hat in slanted way meaning he is being naughty. 😜